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South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary


2016 - 2017

South Dakota Department President

 Melanie Martens

Theme: "Have You Hugged A Veteran Today" 

Flowers: Poppy, White Shasta Daisy, and Blue Cornflower

Colors: Red, White, and Blue

Songs: God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

This Land is Your Land

Amazing Grace

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South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary

Presidents Blog

Can’t believe it is almost fall; but this has been a great summer! Seems like it has flown by. One thing is for sure it has been a hot one. 


I hope that everyone is getting excited about attending National Convention. The next few weeks will be busy for many of us as we plan our travel to Cincinnati, Ohio for the National Convention.  Dates for the Convention are August 26th thru Sept. 1, 2016. If you are not attending but want to find out more about the convention or watch it as it is streamed live go to:  and search using  “ 2016 National Convention”.  It is amazing to see all the activities that go on.


While we are away at Convention the State Fair in Huron starts; September 1st thru September 5th.  The American Legion is asking us if we would like to be a part of the table that is setup at the fair during this time.  As we are an American Legion family I think this is a great way for us to connect with many veterans and their spouses.  Per Denny, “we normally sign members up in The American Legion, but look at it more as a way of letting people know who we are and that we care about our fellow veterans”.  The Veterans building is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.  If you can help in anyway during this time, please contact Laurel at 1-605-461-3389 to make arrangements to get brochures and forms to hand out. Rod and I did this a few years ago; it was a very fun time meeting new people and sharing the story of what the American Legion family does for veterans and their families. Hope many of you can make it out to the fair to assist, thank you!!


If you have not received your membership cards yet that means that your unit has not certified your officers with the Department Secretary.  Please make sure to send in your officer listing as soon as possible so that your members can receive their new cards.


November 5th is the date for Mission Training and National Junior meetings in Minneapolis.  Register now and pay just $50 to attend this interactive and fun training. At Mission Training you’ll learn more about mission outreach programs, re-energize, and get inspired by sharing and learning with others. Don’t forget: National Junior meetings will be held at the same time at each location, so bring your Juniors.


Look forward to seeing many of you at the District Meetings.




“Have you hugged a Veteran today?”