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America Legion Auxiliary President Teresa Huntimer asked that this information be shared on the Spring District Meetings. 


SD American Legion Constitution and Bylaws Article IV, Section 7 requires the Department Commander to call District Conventions between March 1 and May 1. Due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Motion that all District Spring Conventions are postponed and rescheduled before the beginning of the 2020 State Convention, with meeting times to be determined. District Commanders may opt to conduct a meeting within their District before the Department Convention with the Department Commander’s approval and if the current COVID-19 dangers have subsided. They must inform their Posts at least 15 days before such a meeting.

 Motion #2 with updates;

"The DEC is to recommend to Posts to postpone their elections initially and to recommend to them to find other means to hold election of officers. Depending on their Constitution and Bylaws or if environmentally safe to gather in groups of more than ten it could be done the next time they physically can meet, electronically or by mailed out ballot."

 What this means to you.

Spring District Conventions are now Postponed out.  Expect District 3-8 to be held at the State Convention.  District 1 & 2 will likely hold theirs prior to convention if they can.  Pending the restrictions from COVID-19.
The Second motion is our advice to our Posts.  You must follow your constitution and Bylaws for guidance on how decide. Or you must look at South Dakota Nonprofit law SDCL 47-22 chapter.
We are staying flexible going forward and making decisions as needed.  We realize you base a lot of decisions off our schedule and we will notify you when we officially make our decisions.
The American Legion Auxiliary follows The American Legion on dates of the Spring Meetings.  Everyone needs to check their Constitution and Bylaws on the handling of elections.  Everyone needs to remember The Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws are different than The American legion.


If you have any questions please call our Department President Teresa at 605-351-8470.


South Dakota
American Legion Auxiliary


                     2020 Mid Winter Conference

February 21-23, 2020

Oacoma, SD 




Friday, February 21, 2020


8:30- 9:30 AM                     Finance Meeting – Breakwater

9:30-10.00 AM                    Recess

10:00 -11:30 AM                  Executive Meeting – Breakwater

12:00 (Noon)                       Registration Desk Opens

2:00 -4:00 PM                     Program Fair - Breakwater

6:00 PM                               No Host Cocktails

7:00 PM                               Joint Legion / Auxiliary / SAL Banquet- Oacoma-Wheeler


Saturday, February 22, 2020


7:30 AM                              Registration Desk Opens - Silent Auction Opens- Old Gift Shop Room

8:00 AM                              Joint Opening Session – Conference Center Hale - Oacoma

                                            Remarks by State Commander Fred Nelson

                                            Auxiliary President Teresa Huntimer

                                            SAL Detachment Commander Terry Hanson

8:30 AM                               National Commander Bill Oxford

8:50 AM                               Auxiliary VA&R Mary Jo Stier

8:55 AM                               Auxiliary Children & Youth Joyce Smith

9:00 AM                               Dept. of Veteran Affairs - Telehealth

9:30 AM                               Youth Trooper Academy, SD Highway Patrol

9:45 AM                               Emblem usage – Dept. Adjutant                

10:00 AM                             Recess Joint Session

10:15 AM                             Auxiliary Session Opens – Riverrun Wetlands Room

                                            Department President Teresa Huntimer Report

                                            Community Service Annette Johnson

                                            Auxiliary Emergency Fund Report Carol Harvey

                                            Leadership Report Lynn Pohlman

                                            Presentation of Awards/Announcements/Adjourn                                

11:30 AM                             Recess – Check on your Silent Auction Items!!!

Noon                                   Lunch

1:30 PM                              Program Fair

 3:30 PM                             Silent Auction Closes

 6:00 PM                             Auxiliary Banquet Riverrun Wetlands Room                 


Sunday, February 23,2020


8:30 AM                    Non-Denominational Service – Wheeler Rooms

10:30 AM                  SD American Legion – State Finals – HS Oratorical Contest-Wheeler Room