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Operation Pillowcase -- Informational announcement

For those who are not aware, at ALA Girls State this year, the girls decorated pillowcases to be given to military service members when they deploy.  On July 26, Department President Teresa Huntimer presented the 152nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in Pierre with the Girls State pillowcases.  President Teresa has since been asked if she has any more pillowcases.  It broke her heart to say there were none left.

Thus, Operation Pillowcases has begun!  These pillowcases mean the world to our deployed military, and President Teresa never again wants to tell anyone that there are no pillowcases available.  Rather than waiting until the next Girls State, President Teresa is calling on all Auxiliary units across the state to participate in this project.  She wants to compile as many pillowcases as possible, so she is always ready when she receives word of another deployment.

There are a number of ways unit members can participate.  They can (1) donate pillowcases that have been decorated in a patriotic fashion, (2) donate plain white pillowcases that President Teresa can have others decorate, or (3) donate Sharpie markers to be used for decorating.  Donations may be brought to the district meetings or to Midwinter Conference.

Here are a few notes should units choose to decorate pillowcases themselves.  Sharpie markers are better than fabric paint because the paint would be rough.  Please remember that these may potentially be used on pillows that our military are laying their heads on!  Sewn or embroidered pillowcases are also acceptable.  White pillowcases are preferred.  However blue and red are okay as long as the decorations are plainly visible.  Decorations do need to be patriotic or supportive of our military (meaning "Thank you for your service" is just as appropriate as "God bless America").  The decorations need to be something that our military can understand and appreciate without necessarily knowing about the American Legion Auxiliary.

Ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary in South Dakota, our active military need our support!  Even if each unit only decorates 10 pillowcases, President Teresa will never again have to tell our deploying military that there are no more pillowcases.  The pillowcase serves a practical purpose, but it also serves as a constant reminder that there are folks back home who care about them and support them.  So let's all do our part to make Operation Pillowcases a huge success.

Noelle Bonjour
Public Relations Chair
American Legion Auxiliary Dept. of SD


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