South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary


Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Auxiliary Emergency Fund
Department of South Dakota
Auxiliary Emergency Fund Chairman – 2016-2017
Joyce Smith
P.O. Box182
Chester, SD 57016
(Home) 605-489-2480

Hello my name is Joyce Smith and I am so excited to be able to represent you as the department chairman of the Auxiliary Emergency Fund.

What is this program I am so excited to be part of? The Auxiliary Emergency Fund provides temporary financial assistance to eligible members during times of financial crises or weather-related emergencies and natural disasters and promotes awareness and knowledge of the program.

A person is eligible by being a paid up member for 3 consecutive years. The grant amount can equal as much as $2,400.00 and will be disbursed as the Auxiliary Emergency Fund Grant Committee determines.

Support fundraisers sponsored by your posts, department and units. Have an Auxiliary Emergency Fund donation can in your local posts, at any concession stands you help at, your feather parties or Turkey suppers. A personal donation to the AEF of $50.00 or more will make the giver eligible to receive a pin from the National Headquarters. AEF Donation Pin Order Forms are available at

Follow directions on the current forms to ensure that evaluation and processing are completed in a timely fashion. Incomplete applications can delay the application process. Assistance will not be granted to pay accumulated debts or medical expense, the intent is to help members who have suffered a financial setback and is meant to be a bridge offering a helping hand until financial stability is re-established. Incomplete applications and missing documentation will significantly slow processing the case file.

Unit presidents and District Presidents I need your Mid Year Reports no later than November 15, 2016.and the Year End Report by April 15, 2017. Thank you in advance for your promptness in getting the reports in on time. You can mail them to me at Joyce Smith, P. O. Box 182, Chester, SD 57016. Or ALA, P. O. Box 41, Chester, SD 57016. or  Annual Reports reflect the progress of the program at the units and districts level 

Have you hugged a veteran today?

Joyce Smith