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Community Service

Community Service 2016-2017

Mary Jo Stier -Department Chairman

PO Box 224, Onida, SD 57564

605-222-3857 (or) 605-258-2685


Program Action Plan

When you think of community service, what comes to mind: volunteering at your local school, helping with a food drive, etc.? If so, you are on the right track. Community service is all of those things plus much more. Many of us donated our time, talents and money but do we remember to incorporate the American Legion Auxiliary. What a wonderful opportunity to show people who we are and what we stand for.

The Community Service Program promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s visibility within our localities through our commitment to community, state and nation. By being visible in our localities, the Community Service Program demonstrates who we are, what we do and why we matter.


What can you and/or your units do?  The first thing to remember is to make yourself visible. While volunteering, wear some form of identification showing you are a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. You can do this buying wearing your Auxiliary shirt or an emblem, emblem pin, etc.


Community service comes in all types and activities. Here are just a few:

-        Organizing a food drive

-        Volunteering at your local school

-        Represent the Auxiliary as a member of local community boards and                            committees

-        Serving on various committees

-        Volunteering to deliver meals on wheels

-        Attend and represent the Auxiliary at special celebration events in the                            community


The list could go on and on. Maybe try thinking outside of the box and come up with something totally different. It doesn’t matter what the event is as long as you bringing awareness of the American Legion Auxiliary’s local efforts to support our veterans, service members, their families and the community.


Remember to keep track of all of your community service hours and submit them to me.

Deadlines                                                       Mid-Year Report                  Year End Report

Unit to District President                                    November 15                         April 15

District President to Department Chairman      November 30                          April 30


 I look forward to a busy but exciting year serving as chairman. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.