South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary



2017-2018 Program Action Plan

Jacqueline (Jacki) Omland

Education Chairman

2611 13th Ave SE

Aberdeen, SD 57401

Cell: 605-228-1827

I am honored and excited to be your 2017-2018 Education Chairman. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I would like to encourage all units across the state to participate in the Education programs.

What is the American Legion Auxiliary Education Program?

 The Education Program promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion, and support of education beyond high school, especially for military and veteran’s children.

What Can Your Unit Do?

  1. Enhance respect for the sacrifices of our military heroes among schoolchildren by scheduling Veterans in the         Classroom programs at local schools.   

     Unit/Member Ideas:
*Reference the publication “Veterans in the Classroom: History in the First Person” on the Legion’s website at 
publications for helpful hints on starting this program.
     *Collaborate with your local American Legion Post to present Veterans in the Classroom within your local schools.
     *Provide information to the classroom teacher before your Unit’s presentation so that the topic can be introduced to the students. One example could be an article written on the challenges facing today’s military families, which can be found in the Legion Magazine:

     *Promote your Veterans in the Classroom event through local media and social media. Offer transportation to and from the school for veteran speaking in the classroom.
     *Wear your American Legion Auxiliary apparel when visiting schools.

2. Promote American Legion Auxiliary scholarships and award local scholarships at the department and unit levels.

     Unit/Member Ideas:
     *Promote scholarship information. Your Unit Education Chairman should communicate with school guidance         counselors/teachers and students in your community about national, department, and unit American Legion Auxiliary scholarship opportunities.
     *Make copies of scholarship applications and provide them to your local school. National and department applications can be found on the Department of South Dakota Auxiliary website: The National scholarship applications are also available at

     a. Prepare a news release with scholarship information for local media and your post/unit newsletter.
     b. Form a committee to scholarship winners. Send your scholarship winners at the unit level onto the Dept. Education Chairman.
     c. Publicize the winners of Auxiliary scholarships at a school presentation or through local media.
     d. Make a donation to American Legion Auxiliary Education scholarship funds:

         i. Children of Warriors National President’s Scholarship
        ii. ALA Foundation at
       iii. Department, district, or unit scholarships
     e. Create a Unit Scholarship Fund to award scholarships to local students

*See link under Auxiliary Emblem on the Department of South Dakota website: on lower left for a copy of “How to Create a Unit Scholarship Fund”.

 Following is a list of Department and National Scholarships. Please refer to the application rules sheets for more details. Please ensure that information on these scholarships is sent to your schools and remember deadlines are critical to ensure that the applications can be considered!

Department Scholarships:
-Thelma Foster Scholarship for Junior Members - $300.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018
-Thelma Foster Scholarship for Senior Members - $300.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018
-Senior Members Scholarship -$400.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018
-Scholarship for College/University or Technical School- $500.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018

*See links to Department scholarship applications under ALA forms on Dept. website at

 National Scholarships:
-Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship – One $3,500 scholarship, one $3,000 scholarship, and one $2,500 scholarship awarded in each division. Awarded to children of veterans who complete 50 hours of community service during his/her high school years.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018

-Non-Traditional Student Scholarship – One $2,500 scholarship in each division. Applicant must be a member of The American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion for two years preceding.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018

-Spirit of Youth Scholarship- One Junior member in each division will receive $1,250 per year for 4 years ($5,000 total). Must hold membership in The American Legion Auxiliary for past three years.  Application Deadline March 1, 2018

*See links to National Scholarship applications under the Auxiliary Emblem in lower left on the Dept. website at


 3. Build a relationship with your local schools – focus attention on “Give 10 to Education”, Teacher Appreciation Week, and “American Education Week”.

      Unit/Member Ideas:
     *Participate in the Give 10 to Education program
     *Contribute supplies to classrooms in your community. Solicit items from unit members and community members to          distribute to the schools. You could place a collection box at local sites (i.e., grocery stores, banks, senior centers,            post office) and invite residents to donate. (See link for Give 10 to Education on the Dept. website          under ALA Forms)
     *Participate in American Education Week: November 13-17, 2017. Remember to recognize all school personnel, not        just teachers. Send a treat along with a card thanking all staff for the work they do.
     *Promote Auxiliary scholarships during American Education Week using local media.
     *Reach out to teachers and ask how your unit can enhance their school curriculum during Teacher Appreciation Week: The first full week in May. 
     *Find out if there are needy children and figure out what resources your unit can provide for those students.
     * Educate school administrators on how the American Legion Auxiliary can have a positive impact on their schools             and students.

*Give 10 to Education reports must be to me by May 1, 2018.

 4. Assist and support veterans pursuing high education and vocational education.

      Unit/Member Ideas:
     * Inform schools of a free tutoring website for military children:
     * Collaborate with your Legion Post, Sons and/or other community organizations to hold a fundraiser for the benefit            of a scholarship for a descendant of a local veteran
     * Help a veteran get in touch with a student veterans group at nearby colleges and universities. Provide these student           veterans with information on career and life skill topics.
     * Promote the American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Scholarship, available for non-traditional students who are         returning to the classroom after some period of time.


5. Assist and support military children with educational opportunities.

        Unit /Member Ideas:
     * Encourage junior members to contact their school guidance counselor and volunteer to mentor children of military           personnel and veterans.
     * Use some of your Give 10 Education supplies to make backpacks to welcome military children to school.
     *Provide your local school with a copy of the Educator’s Guide to the Military Child During Deployment:      
     *Inform schools of a free tutoring website for military children:
     *Organize a classroom recognition event for military children to share the accomplishments of their relative who is            serving.

Education Programs Reporting:

Mid-Year Reports
Unit Education Chairman should submit a narrative report to their District President by November 15, 2017 and from the District President to Dept. Chairman Jacki Omland, by December 1, 2017

Year-End Reports
Unit Education Chairman should submit a narrative report to their District President by April 15, 2018 and from the District President to Department Chairman, Jacki Omland, by May 1, 2018.

** Note: Your Unit Mid-Year Report is from April 1, 2017 to November 1, 2017. Your Unit Year-End Report is from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

As part of your narrative report, please answer the following questions:

     1.  How did your unit participate in the Give 10 to Education program? If so, what type of items did you contribute?
     2.  Did your unit present any Veterans in the Classrooms programs?  If so how?
     3.  Did your unit actively support student veterans associations on a local campus?  If so how?
     4.  Did your unit assist any needy students in your schools?
     5.  Did your unit have local applicants for Department or National Scholarships?
     6.  Did your unit award any local scholarships?  If so how much?
     7.  Did your unit observe National Education Week? If so how?
     8.  Did your unit observe National Teacher’s Appreciation Week?  If so how?
     9.  Did your unit donate to any Department or National Scholarship funds?  If so how much?