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Junior Activities


Junior Activities Action Plan

                                                                   Sharon Teunissen                                                                                                                 7908 W Alexandra St., Sioux Falls, SD 57106                                                                                                      274-3320 / 212-1387                                                         

This year we are starting out what seems to be a very good year A new Unit with Junior members has been started in the Rosebud area with more to follow

As our new National President has reminded us, Family is OUR goal. She would love to see the entire American Legion working together for a common cause, " Serving our Veterans in the way that they deserve."

The Juniors of South Dakota's state project is "Adopt a Vet"and also the Military Childrens' Table. Both of these projects are projects that the girls can complete on their own, or with their units. So please ladies step up and help them. These projects could be used for Americanism, National Security, Community or even Children and Youth.

Invite the Junior girls to bring their family members along with them to their/ your meetings. Brothers, sisters and even friends are very welcome . They can also each earn their own patches.

Sign up your granddaughters and grandsons as well. We must all work together. Mentor your Juniors because many of these Junior girls will learn valuable life lessons from you.

Invite your Junior members along with their friends to attend your meeting and to partake in it such as "The Pledge of Allegiance". Be sure to have them help with American Legion family parties Let's put our veterans and their families first.

Make the Junior meeting fun and yet informative.

I am trying something new at District meeting. Everyone is invited to take some craft items along home to complete with your Juniors. Take photos and write a short report then send them to me.

Remember the Awards and scholarships due the Juniors Please be sure to help them complete these. Plan a party to finalize all reports, Juniors and Senior members could turn a dreaded night into fun and great accomplishments. Ask the Junior to display their crafts and party favors.

Be sure to include answers to these questions:

How has participation in Patch Program increased enthusiam among the Juniors?

What strategic plans did they accomplish?

What type of projects did the Juniors complete?

What is the total number of Juniors volunteer hours and dollars spent?

Above all else Please Have Fun With Your Juniors. They are our FUTURE.