South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary




Serving veterans, their families, and their communities

Department of South Dakota

The South Dakota Legionette 

Editor: Micheline Nelson

19650 Mossing Lane, Spearfish, SD 57783


The Legionette and Email-Legionette are the two newsletters bringing the information to our members. It is also the recorded history of our organization. The quality of the information is a shared responsibility. The paper edition is limited to four (4) pages and printed in black and white, while the Email-Legionette is usually 6 pages. To accommodate the space allowed, some guidelines are provided below. When necessary these guidelines can be modified.


Members and Units renew their subscription for mailed and emailed newsletters by completing the information sheet including very legible name, address, unit number, and phone number, as well as email if the member has one. Each annual subscription, from September to June, costs $5.00 for 10 publications and $2.00 for the emailed version. Any member subscribing after that date, pays the same fee and will receive the publication as soon as headquarters send the information to the editor. Unit President will receive a free subscription but may elect to support the newsletter and donate $5.00 to cover the expenses.

Address corrections, deletions, deceased members and errors: contact headquarters

Where to Send Articles: All submissions can be mailed, emailed, scanned or faxed.

Micheline Nelson, 19650 Mossing Lane, Spearfish, SD 57783

Email: (preferred)

Phone: 605-645-1346; Fax: 605-642-6211


All submissions should be in by the 18th of each month. The publisher receives the original copy to print and mail the newsletters by the 24th. It can take up to 6 days for some of the mailings to arrive in smaller communities. The Email-Legionette will be sent at the end of the month. Monthly chairman article will follow the guide. The president’s letter, the membership message, In Memoriam, monthly calendar/guide; and prayer will be in each issue.

Word Count for your Article:

  • Department President: up to 400 words 
  • Department Chairman of the Month: up to 250 words
  • Headquarter Secretary: up to 250 words if needed
  • Membership Information: up to 250 words 
  • Prayer of the Month: up to 150 words
  • Junior Activity by department or unit chairman: picture with narrative up to 150 words
  • Department/District/Unit: all pictures with identified individuals; description of the project or news up to 100 words
  • Important information like conventions, due dates, banquet, etc. – flexible word count

What to Send

  •  Any items for the calendar not in the guide’s calendar of events
  •  Deceased members to be published in the Legionette must be approved by the        Department Secretary who will validate current membership
  •  Special project or any event supporting our veterans, active duty, their families
  •  Any Department, District, or Unit ALA activities
  •  Reminders or announcements of meetings or other ALA activities to invite our members to  collaborate, participate or attend

Member to Remember

The Legionette will try to have a space for the “Member to Remember”. 

Encourage units to submit a picture of the member participating in an activity and 2-3 sentence narrative to explain it when they send the information to the Legionette Editor.  The “Member to Remember” is intended to recognize those members who work behind the scenes, can always be counted on, but seldom are recognized for their contributions.

Department Chairmen Submissions Calendar (Subject to Adjustments)

-by or close to the 18th of each month-

September: Juniors & Music

            Christmas Gift Shop Money by October 1 (reminder)

            Fall District Meetings

October: Membership

            Christmas Gift Shop Items donated to VA by October 31

            Member to Remember

November: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

            Veterans’ Holiday Relief

            Member to Remember

            Christmas Gift Shop Calendar

December: Education & Legislative

            Christmas Parties Calendar

            Member to Remember

            Midwinter meal tickets

January: Americanism

            Midwinter Schedule

            Midwinter Speaker

            Midwinter Meal Tickets

            Member to Remember

February: Girls State

            Midwinter Schedule

            Poppy Senior Contest for Midwinter

            Midwinter Silent Auction Rules

            Member to Remember


March: Community Service

            Spring District Meetings

            Member to Remember


April: Children & Youth

            Member to Remember


            Juniors Poppy Contest

May: National Security; Poppy

            State Convention Program

            State Convention Meal Tickets

            Member to Remember


June: Girls State & Department Convention

            Past president Parley – Convention Banquet

            State Convention Program