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These are South Dakota’s Senators and Representatives: 




202-114-2321 800-850-3855 








202-225-2801, 855-225-2801


South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary





 Chairman:  Jean Hunhoff

251l Mulligan Drive

Yankton, South Dakota 57078



The Legislative Program provides information and assistance to the American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.

Encourage and empower members to be more knowledgeable to take action on The American Legion's legislative priorities. 

Work the mission of the Legislative Committee by growing members in your American Legion Auxiliary Unit. 

1.   Member

  • Subscribe to the Legion's Legislative Action Alerts to receive notification when they call on all Legion Family members to take immediate action on a topic. Visit to subscribe. Report to your unit chairman when you have done so. 
  • Subscribe to the Legion's legislative Update to stay informed on veteran and military legislative issues. Report to your unit chairman when you have subscribed.
  • Visit the Legion's legislative website, , to keep current on your legislative priorities. 
  • Identify your U.S. Representative and two Senators and build a relationship and rapport with these individuals and / or members of their staff. Check their websites for contact and issues. Attend local listening sessions when they are scheduled in your communites. Representative Kristi Noem -  Toll Free 855-255-2801                    Senator John Thune -   Toll Free 866-850-3855                              Senator Mike Rounds-   Toll Free 844-875-5268                           
  • Attend local community informational meetings on legislative topics to become better informed and to network with other community civic organizations.
  • Attend legislative coffees/updates by state legislators in your district during session
  • Attend American Legion Day at the Legislature to network with Legislators
  • Complete the Legion's Congressional Meeting Report Form following any meeting with your U.S. Congressional delegation or staff members.                                                             Visit to complete the form.

2. Unit

  • Order and distribute the ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide from our department headquarters and distribute to members
  • Invite a member of the Congressional staff located in South Dakota to attend your unit meeting to update on veteran priorities and explain how best to access a member of the congressional delegation. 
  • Host a legislative forum for the candidates in your district that are seeking legislative office. Do at unit meeting and/or collaborate with the Legion or community to sponsor the forum. 
  • Choose a different legislative priority each month and allow the time at each meeting for members to draft letters and communicate the importance of legislative related to veterans and their families. Watch for Legislative Action Alerts for any pressing priority. 
  • During the South Dakota Legislative session visit the LRC website                                to follow bills that have been introduced impacting veterans. 

3. Department

  • Order the ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide and distribute to each unit. The guide can also be downloaded from the Legislative page on 
  • Visit the Legion's legislative website, , to keep your units and member's current on our legislative priorities. 
  • Work with the Legion Department's Legislative Chairman and request that the Auxiliary be included in Legion meetings with national and state officials and be invited to the Legion Legislative briefings and other functions.
  • Officers and Legislative Chairman attend the American Legion Day activities during the Legislative Session.
  • Departement President provide a legislative overview of the highlighted priorities on unit visits.

4. Awards

  • Unit Legislative Award Citation                                                                                                              Awarded to one unit in each division. It recognizes the most outstanding overall                 legislative program in the division. Each entry must be a typed written                               narrative to include pictures and newspaper articles on how legislative activites                 made a difference in veterans and their families lives. Entries must be sent to the               Department Legislative Chairman by May 1, 2018 to be forwarded to the                           Division Legislative Chairman by June 1, 2018.
  • Department Legislative Award                                                                                                                 Awarded to one department in each division. Each entry must be a typed                              written narrative of legislative activism and how it made a difference in the                        lives of veterans and their families. It may include pictures and newspaper                          articles. Entries to be sent to Department Legislative Chairman by                                      May 1, 2018 and forwarded to the Division Legislative Chairman by                                    June 1, 2018.
  • Reporting Dates: Mid Year and Year End Reports
  • Mid Year Reports:
  • From Units to District Presidents                    November 15, 2017
  • From District Presidents to Dept. Chair         December 1, 2017
  • From Dept. Chair to Dept. Pres. And National Divisional Chair     December 15, 2017
  •  Year End Reports:
  • From Units to District Presidents                     April 15, 2018
  • From District Presidents to Dept. Chair          May 1, 2018
  • From Dept. Chair to Dept. Pres. And National Divisional Chair      May 15, 2018
  • Jean Hunhoff Legislative Chairman
  • 2511 Mulligan Drive   Yankton South Dakota   57078    605-660-5619