South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary



 2017 - 2018

Membership Action Plan

Pat Huls

104 Best Point Drive, Madison, SD 57042

Home: 605-256-4456 Cell: 605-421-1702

National Theme: "Enhance the Member Experience" (a continuation of last year's theme).

SD Department Theme: "Ring Your Bells for Membership---Membership Matters!"

Congratulations to every Unit Membership Chairman. You are truly a VIM (Very Important Member) for accepting this leadership role in your Unit. All auxiliary members need to encourage membership, but it is up to you to be the leader!

In the words of National Membership Chairman, Donna Ray, we "encourage and support the nationwide effort to attract, engage and retain a diverse, active membership — person by person —to ensure the future of the American Legion Auxiliary.

By honoring our veterans and military, the A.L.A. will grow membership by our Centennial anniversary. In order to grow the organization, we must let members know that they are the Auxiliary's most valuable asset." Note: Our Centennial will be celebrated during the 2019-2020 year.

In 1994 the department of SD achieved its highest membership---20,187 members. Since then, it has slowly declined each year. In 2016 we dropped below 12,000 members. If we can achieve our goal of 0.05% increase over the 2017 membership we WILL have over 12,000 members again! That would mean we stopped the decline in membership. I know it's a big goal, but I know we can do it with everyone's help.

Thanks to the Executive Committee we have monetary awards we will be talking about at the Fall

District Meetings. We are lucky to have extra help with membership this year. Your Northwest Division Membership chairman is Regina Whipple, our National co-chairman for Membership is Jane Benzel and our NEC Susie Clyde has offered her assistance too.

In encouraging membership, remember why you joined the Auxiliary in the first place. Perhaps you could share your personal story with a prospective member and remind her that she would be honoring her special veteran with her membership. This year I hope everyone of us can work together and find something good about each other.

I want to wish each of you a happy Auxiliary Year. If I can be of assistance, please let me know. 

Membership Awards Deadlines and Submission Requirements:

A.  Member Award: R5 —Recruit/Rejoin

   Award: Special gift from the national Membership chairman

   Presented to: Members

   Deadline: May 1, 2018

   Materials and guidelines:

*Award will be presented to members who recruit or rejoin five or more Auxiliary Junior or senior members. Rejoins must not have paid dues after 2015.

*Send to National Headquarters, Attn: Membership Division.

*One entry per recruiter.

*All verified entries will be eligible for $250 cash drawing.

B. Member Award: Silver Brigade

Award: Special gift from national president

* Presented to: Members  Deadline: May 1, 2018

* Materials and guidelines:

*Award will be presented to members who recruit 25 or more new senior Auxiliary members.

* Send to National Hdqtrs.v- Attn: Membership Division

* All verified entries will be eligible for a $500 cash drawing.

* One gift per recruiter

C. Department Award: All Treats No Tricks

* Award: SIOOO

* Presented to: Departments  Deadline: October 31,2017

* Materials and guidelines:

* Award will be presented to departments that have no units with "0" membership as of October 31, 2017 To qualify,          National Headquarters MUST receive membership by October 31. D. Department Award: Find Your Pot "O" Gold

* Award: $500

* Presented to: Departments  Deadline: March 17, 2018  Materials and guidelines:

* Award will be presented to departments that have no units with "O" membership as of March 17. To qualify, National      Headquarters must receive membership by March 17.

* Depts. That receive" All Treats No Tricks" Award are not eligible.

Membership Reporting:

Mid-year Reports are due to your District President by November 15.2017.

End of Year Reports are due to your District President by April 15, 2018.

Renewal Notice Schedule

First Renewal Notice by National is mailed by Sept 15th. Second Renewal Notices mailed by January 15th.

National recommends that each Unit generate some type of renewal notice to members who don't respond to the notices they send out. Preferably a phone call or person to person contact.

Together let's have a great Auxiliary Year!