South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary


Past President's Parley


Past Presidents Parley Action Plan

Jane Benzel

27949 Horse Camp Rd.

Hot Springs, SD, 57747

H: 605 745-6375 C: 605 890-1154

The Past Presidents Parley is a forum that brings together the

experience of our former presidents and utilizes their expertise in

active service to the American Legion Auxiliary. Women who have

been president of a unit, department, or the national organization are

encouraged to contribute to the Auxiliary as members of the Past

Presidents Parley. These leaders share their wisdom and provide

ongoing mentorship to empower and bolster the Auxiliary’s present

leaders, ensuring the continuity and strength of the organization at all


The Past Presidents Parley recognizes and honors:

• Women veterans

• Women currently serving in the military

• Outstanding unit members who do the hard work of service

Past Presidents Parley awards presented annually at national

convention two awards: Unit Member of the Year and Salute to

Servicewomen Award.

Unit Member of the Year Award

Please promote and submit a nomination for your Unit Member of

the Year Award. This award recognizes the contributions made by a

valued unit member.

Requirements for award are:

• Only senior members in good standing are eligible.

• Current membership dues must be paid.

• The member cannot have obtained an elected or appointed

leadership role higher than that of unit president.

• Selection is based on accomplishments, activities, etc., for the

current administrative year.

• Years of membership are not a part of the criteria; the nominee

may be a new member.

• All forms, including a narrative (limited to 1000 words), must be

completed and submitted by March15th of the current year to

your District President. District President’s deadline to the

Department Chairman is May 1st. The unit president and

secretary must sign the entry form unless the nominee is one of

them, in which case a past unit president must sign the entry


• The selection of the winner is at the discretion of the

department Past Presidents Parley chairman.

• The Department winner is encouraged to attend the National


Salute to Servicewomen Award

• Must be currently serving in the U.S. armed forces

• Must submit a narrative of 750 words or less on the topic specified in

the application

• Membership in the Auxiliary is desired, but not required.

• Nominees should be willing to attend the National Convention if


• All entry forms including a narrative/ YouTube video must be

completed and submitted by the deadline. A YouTube video can take

the place of a written narrative.

• Entry must have the nominee’s name, and address, unit name and

number (if applicable) and most importantly, contact information for

the servicewoman.

• Application form and details can be found at,

members only, ALA Awards

• Each unit may submit one entry for each branch of the service.

• All entries must be postmarked by June 1st of the current year.


An annual report is not required; however, a year-end summary and a

mid-year progress report is suggested as tools to gauge the

direction and effectiveness of department activities. Both narratives

should be forwarded to the department chairman by December 1st for

mid-year and May 1st for end-of-year.