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All Spring 2020 District Meetings have been cancelled

2020 State Convention has been cancelled

2020 National  Convention has been cancelled

 All elected officers and Chairman will remain in place an additional year unless they resign.  If someone resigns a written notice not an email needs to be sent to The Department President and to the Department Secretary.


America Legion Auxiliary President Teresa Huntimer asked that this information be shared on the Spring District Meetings. 

SD American Legion Constitution and Bylaws Article IV, Section 7 requires the Department Commander to call District Conventions between March 1 and May 1. Due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Motion that all District Spring Conventions are postponed and rescheduled before the beginning of the 2020 State Convention, with meeting times to be determined. District Commanders may opt to conduct a meeting within their District before the Department Convention with the Department Commander’s approval and if the current COVID-19 dangers have subsided. They must inform their Posts at least 15 days before such a meeting.

 Motion #2 with updates;

"The DEC is to recommend to Posts to postpone their elections initially and to recommend to them to find other means to hold election of officers. Depending on their Constitution and Bylaws or if environmentally safe to gather in groups of more than ten it could be done the next time they physically can meet, electronically or by mailed out ballot."

 What this means to you.

Spring District Conventions are now Postponed out.  Expect District 3-8 to be held at the State Convention.  District 1 & 2 will likely hold theirs prior to convention if they can.  Pending the restrictions from COVID-19.
The Second motion is our advice to our Posts.  You must follow your constitution and Bylaws for guidance on how decide. Or you must look at South Dakota Nonprofit law SDCL 47-22 chapter.
We are staying flexible going forward and making decisions as needed.  We realize you base a lot of decisions off our schedule and we will notify you when we officially make our decisions.
The American Legion Auxiliary follows The American Legion on dates of the Spring Meetings.  Everyone needs to check their Constitution and Bylaws on the handling of elections.  Everyone needs to remember The Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws are different than The American legion.

 If you have any questions please call our Department President Teresa at 605-351-8470.

South Dakota
American Legion Auxiliary


2018-2019 Previous President Blogs


May Blog


I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!!

As I write this blog, they are collecting my stem cells for my transplant in June!  Great news, the process isn’t bad, the sitting around is the problem.  I can’t sit still, and this involves 7 hours in one place!!

District Meetings are complete!  What great things the Units reported that they did for our Veterans.  Poems and Essays were judged and as always, they were great. 

April was Children and Youth month and purple up for the “Military Child” hope your Unit was able to do something special.

     District Elections were held in the odd numbered Districts.  Good to see new faces willing to move up and serve.  District 1 elected Carol Edwards, District 3 elected Patsy Madsen, District 5 elected Wendy Henley, and District 7 reelected Alice Upshaw.  Thank You ladies!  They will be ratified at State Convention in June in Sioux Falls.

     State Convention will be June 6-9, 2019 in Sioux Falls SD. it takes place at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center.  Don’t forget your Banquet and Luncheon tickets, none will be sold at the door.  PLEASE!  bring items to donate to the Silent Auction.  The monies collected will go for my Presidents Project at the Ft. Meade Medical Center for iPad’s to be used in the Out Patient Mental Health Unit.  Cowboy hats were given out at Midwinter if you received on bring it to State Convention, we will be wearing them.  If you didn’t get one there will be hats available at Convention. 

     Girls State will be held at USD in Vermillion May 27, thru June 1, 2019.  Auxiliary Day is that Thursday, May 30th, anyone wishing to come is welcome, give Cheryl a call so she can plan on you.  If you’ve never been, Good Experience if you can make that work.

Hope to see everyone at State Convention!

 Jeannine Loesch Department President   



March Blog


District Meetings are just about finished, the last 3 are this weekend.  The Units continue to do great things to serve our Veterans.  The Poems and Essays were very good!  I think due to the bad weather the number received was down.  There were several schools canceled for the weather.

April is Children and Youth Month, remember the “Good Deed” and “Youth Hero Awards”.

Elections are held in the odd number Districts, District 1 elected Carol Edwards, and District 7 elected Alice Upshaw.  The other two will be this weekend.  The meetings have been great!  Units continue to report on what they have done this Year.

The State Convention will be held in Sioux Falls June 6-9 at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center.  Remember to get your rooms booked and in the April Legionette the Banquet and Luncheon tickets will be available, you will need to order in advance, none will be sold at the Convention.  Cowboy hats were given out at Midwinter, if you received one bring it along to State Convention if you didn’t get one, they will be available at Convention.  The nominating committee is looking for someone interested in the position of Historian, if you feel that would be something you are interested in have your Unit send and endorsement to the Legionette.

Girls State is fast approaching!  Applications need to be sent to Cheryl Hovorka by April 1.  Cheryl reported she has 11 girls for Journalism City.  Remember the Thursday of Girls State week is for Auxiliary.  If you haven’t ever went, try to go.

I am continuing to feel great, in April they plan to harvest my cells for my transplant in June. I will be in the hospital in Sioux Falls in June for about 2 weeks.

That’s all for now lets “Saddle Up for Veterans


March 2019 Blog

We just finished Midwinter Conference in Spearfish.  Thank You District 1 for planning the Conference.  Of course, the weather was an issue, but we do live in South Dakota.  The Program Fair was great, I hope that good information goes back to the Units.  The Silent Auction brought in $429.00, which will go towards my Presidents Project.  Mary Jo’s Children and Youth pillow case project went over well with tons of clothes donated to fill up the pillow cases.    The Ladies Night out was GREAT!!  We were bused to the Lodge, had a FREE supper, had drinks FREE and finally the Slot Tournament and a chance to win FREE money what more could you ask for.  

Remember to nominate a Unit Member from your Unit and send it to your District President by March 1st. Also, Poems and Essays need to be sent to the Americanism Chairman Patsy Madsen.  All the information will be coming out in the next mailing from Department Headquarters.  Remember the American Legions Birthday March 15th.  Show the Legion we appreciate what they do.

 District Meetings will begin in March:

March 16, District 1, Spearfish

March 17, District 2 , Crazy Horse

March 22, District 6, Wessington Springs

March 23, District 7, Canton

March 24, District 8, Yankton

March 29, District 4, Leola

March 30, District 5, Clark

March 31, District 3 Winner

If you are unable to make your own District Meeting, find a District you can go to.



December 2018 Blog

President Jeannine's  Dec Blog

There is a lot happening in the Auxiliary!!  Gift Shops are half over, and Christmas Parties will be starting at the facilities.  I love this time of year and I really enjoy the gift shops.  It is so rewarding to be able to spend time with “Our Veterans” our “Hero’s”.  They always ask the question of why we do this and feel they aren’t worthy—they truly are.  In early November I fractured my pelvis and have had a great deal of pain and doctor appointments.  I apologize for not attending the Gift Shops at the Hot Springs VA and Ft. Meade Medical Center.  I am now on my way back to recovery.

I also want to thank everyone who contributed to my Presidents project so far.  Connie Wagner District 1 President and member of the Spearfish Unit emailed me telling me that the Spearfish Unit donated $500.00 to my Presidents Project and Challenges other units to do so also.  Thanks, the Veterans deserve all we can do for them, send all donations to Department Headquarters and mark it Presidents Project.

I hope you have turned in your midyear reports and you reported on everything your Unit has done!  I am waiting to read all those reports of all you did for Veterans, Children and Youth, and your Communities.

I would like you to mark your Calendars for the Midwinter Conference to be held in Spearfish on February 8-10th 2019.  I have an exciting weekend planned and I hope you will all plan on attending.  More information will be in the Legionette.

Barb Vetter our NW Division Vice President will our guest at Midwinter.

Look over the progress charts and see if your obligations have been recorded properly, and keep those Memberships coming in Lynn does an excellent job!!  Laurel is doing a Great job at the Department Headquarters!!!

With the Holiday Season approaching remember our Veterans many don’t have families and if you could spare a little of your time that would be the greatest gift of this Holiday Season.  Also remember our deployed veterans and their families, not having that family member with you for Christmas is very hard.  The Holiday Season is much more than shopping and gifts!! 

My husband I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!



                                            October 2018 Blog

Thank You all for attending the Fall District Meetings!!  I enjoyed meeting my Auxiliary sisters and the opportunity I had to visit with them.  I hope I can see many of you at the Gift Shops, Christmas Parties and later at the Mid-Winter Conference in Spearfish.

November 10th is the Auxiliary Birthday do something special at your Unit meeting because you belong to the largest Patriotic women’s organization in the world. 

Then November 11th is Veterans Day don’t forget to say Thank You to those men and women who fought for our freedom.  We owe an enormous debt to the Veterans of this Nation.  The debt is only payable in respect, honor and remembrance.  The October mailing will be coming out soon, Plans of Action are part of this huge mailing.  Be sure and share the information with your members.

In the Spirit of Good Will!!